Lanzarote the jewel in the Canary Islands

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• An international property purchase is one of today’s most lucrative investments. Owning international real estate is one of the best ways to grow your wealth, protect your assets and internationalise your lifestyle.

• Lanzarote is showing great investment growth in several sectors, tourism, hotels, shops, golf courses & businesses. A multi-million euro investment in infrastructure improvements is ongoing, giving confidence to the growing tourist market.

• Lanzarote’s perfect climate makes it a year-round holiday destination which guarantees a minimum of 345 days of sunshine per year. Having a twelve-month holiday season and glorious climate ensures a continually high tourist sector occupancy rate and, therefore exceptionally high yields for investors.

• This trouble-free, safe, breathtakingly beautiful unspoiled island is socially stable with no religious, political, military conflict or civil unrest making this a secure investment zone and a wonderful place to live.

• The islands are enjoying the advent of strong tourism growth and this will have an inevitable impact on the value of all timely real estate/business investments.

• The island’s tourism has seen steady growth throughout previous years and is up 6% in 2023 with many airlines such as Ryanair, Jet2, TUI, EasyJet, and Spanish Airlines increasing their package flights from Europe, UK, and Ireland.

• Lanzarote is in a strong economic position, encouraging secure sustainable investment growth for the future.

• Financial lucrative tax benefits including business tax reduction strategies DIC, REF, ZEC are applicable in the Canary Islands.




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