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Property Buying Guide In Lanzarote

When you know that you want to buy property in Lanzarote, there are 4 main resorts to choose from, Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, Playa, Blanca, Puerto Calero, then outside of these resorts you have the local villages and countryside style of living. property buyers guide Lanzarote. Consider what you need from your Lanzarote property, assess how much you want to spend, and see where the best place for you will be on this beautiful island.

Whether you are looking for a one bedroom apartment in Puerto del Carmen or a luxury country villa as a long term investment, if you don’t need finance or you have a per-arranged mortgage, you will have a distinct negotiating advantage when it comes to settling a price. If you require a mortgage, but have not yet arranged a loan, we recommend you do so before looking at property. The next step begins the conveyance and at this stage we recommend you use a lawyer. Your lawyer will investigate the Escritura (Title Deed) for the property you wish to buy and will carry out the local Land Registry Search

Are foreigners allowed to buy property in Lanzarote, Spain?
Yes. There are no restrictions on buying property in Spain, whether it’s commercial, residential or land. In fact, Spain encourages investment by foreigners, both resident and non-resident. You will require a financial number (NIE) which you can acquire by visiting a police station with your passport. This allows you to be able to purchase a property and to open a bank account to be able to transfer your funds for purchasing a property. We can assists and guide you with all these legal matters.

Deposit Contract:
As soon as your lawyer confirms that everything is legally in order, a deposit contract is drawn up between bank contract for mortgages in Lanzarote you and the vendor. This states the conditions of the transaction, identifies the property and the parties involved, as well as the deadline for completion. It will state if the property is being sold furnished or unfurnished. If the property is being sold furnished, it is advisable to include an inventory signed by both you and your vendor. Once the contract is drafted and both parties sign, you transfer 10% of the sales price to your vendor (or to your lawyer, who will then pass the money on) and you have entered into a contract which is regulated by the Spanish government. If you change your mind after this stage and decide not to buy, you will lose your deposit. If the seller fails to sell after this stage, they will be forced to repay your 10% deposit back to you, with the same amount again as compensation. The law on deposit contracts is regulated by the Spanish Civil Code, and is designed to prevent gazumping. Between the deposit contract stage and completion, your lawyer will work on your behalf to organize all paperwork and prepare final conveyance.

Your new Escritura will be signed by you (or your lawyer if you have granted power of attorney) in front of a Spanish notary and the outstanding amount will be paid over to the vendor. Before this happens, the notary will require the vendor to provide the evidence that municipal rates are paid and up to date. In addition to the purchase price, you will need to pay notarial costs, Land Registry fees, Impuesto sobre Transferencias Patrimoniales – Transfer taxes (stamp duty), lawyer’s fees and legal costs, as well as several minor taxes including the Plus Valua, which is a land appreciation tax paid to the local municipality. Utilities bills will be transferred to your name and direct debits will be set up to pay future bills. The same applies for telephone (if relevant) and the community charge, if your property is on a complex with a community of owners. After you sign your deed of purchase in the notary, your lawyer will finalize the paperwork by submitting the Escritura to the local Land Registry. Once the title deed has been registered in your name, you will receive your registered deed which is your proof of ownership and should be kept in a safe place. The entire process from signing in the notary’s office, to receiving your registered deed takes about 2 months, but you are entitled to receive a Copia Simple (shorter pre-land registry deed) within 2 – 3 days of signing.

Banking and Mortgages :
Terms and Conditions vary, depending on the bank and type of mortgage you require, but as a rough guideline non-residents can borrow up to a maximum of 60% to 70% of the purchase price orbank mortgages in Lanzarote bank’s valuation (whichever is lower) for a maximum loan period of 30 years. Residents may obtain up to 70% mortgages on the purchase price or bank’s valuation (whichever is lower) and again the maximum loan period is 30 years. Interest rates in Spain are currently among the most competitive in Europe and are probably more competitive than similar rates in the U.K. or Ireland. Discounted first year rates start from as little as 2.5% depending on your circumstances. Mortgages in Spain differ from those in the U.K. and Ireland in that they are levied on the property, not on the person who owns the property.

If you calculate to add approximately between 8% and 10% for taxes and costs on top of the sale price of the property. This applies to both a resale and newly built properties.

These costs are made up of the following: –
• 6.5% ITP Tax (Impuestos sobre Transmisiones Patrimonials) for resale properties.
• Notary fees, title deed tax and land registration fee 1% to 2.5%
• Translation fee (If you do not speak fluent Spanish)
• Legal fees (If a Lawyer is required)
• Mortgage fees if a loan is required then plus 0.75% stamp duty on mortgage deed.
• These costs add up to between 8% – 10% on top of the sale price.

Documents required for Mortgage Application.

Details required for Employees:
• P-60 from all applicants
• Credit Report (for Ireland, report application website: www,icb,ie ) (for UK report application website: www,uk )
• Photocopy of all applicants valid passports
• Last 2 payrolls
• Justification of other income, if applicable.
• Justification of assets i.e. Current mortgages etc.

Details required for the Self-Employed:
• Photocopy of all applicants valid passports
• Previous 2 years income tax returns
• Credit Report (Ireland, report application website:, (English report application website:
• Payments on account of income tax for previous 2 years
• Justification of other income, if applicable.
• Justification of assets (Net worth)

Use a Foreign Exchange Broker:
Many people using currency different from the Euro will use their banks to transfer the funds to buy a property in Lanzarote, the thing is the banks are not your friend … they will not be giving you the best exchange rate for your transfer and if you are transferring a large amount of money, this could amount to thousands saved for you. Even if your using euro to euro you can still save considerable amounts of money using a currency exchange broker against the bank transfer charges, don’t be bullied by the banks to use them.

The investment for the rental market place:

1) long term rental,
where this is a continuous set monthly amount. There is also a growing number of local professional workers, who along with their families, have created a huge demand for long term rental properties. Normally you will have less return on this basis but there is really no input by the property owner to get involved with situations like weekly cleaning, linen and towel changes, etc.

2) The weekly holiday rental market.
This has seen enormous growth in the past few years. With the event of the Internet and the ease of which individuals can now find, book and choose a airline to reach their preferred destination is the main reason for this growth in the rental market. Advertising your property on specialist websites such as Owners Direct, Home & Away Holiday lets, Espanabreaks, Holidaylettings, Premier-holidays, are to name but a few, where clients can book your rental property all year round. Promote your property correctly and you can expect well over 45 weeks per year rental income. There are many cleaning companies and individuals on Lanzarote, who are geared up for looking after your rental property. They will make sure that your property will have the correct clean and change over for your clients. Prices vary from the type of property you have and the amount of clients that are staying in your property.

Questions and Answers:

QUESTION: How do I apply for a mortgage in Lanzarote?
ANSWER: As in other countries, Spanish banks will want to be satisfied as to your income and will lend around 70%.

QUESTION: How much deposit should I have to put down to secure a property?
ANSWER: It is customary to pay a 10% deposit, then the balance when signing for the deeds.

QUESTION: When can I move in?
ANSWER: You can take possession of the property when the title deeds have been signed at the notary.

QUESTION: Does Lanzarote have a national health care system?
ANSWER: Yes, it’s free to any EU citizens. Also there is a good private healthcare facility.

QUESTION: Can my UK State Pension be paid to my Spanish bank account?
ANSWER: Yes, and we can help you set up a bank account on the same day that you apply at the bank.

QUESTION: Do I have to do a tax deceleration in Spain.
ANSWER: Yes, you have to fill in a tax deceleration even if your a non-resident, owners of Spanish property still have to file a tax return ( Form 210 ) .
If the property was last revalued before 1st January 1994 then its 2% of the cadastral value, and if it was after that date its 1.1%

QUESTION: Do I need a UK solicitor as well as a Spanish one?
ANSWER: No, this would only serve to increase your legal fees, but do make sure that your Spanish lawyer speaks and writes fluent English. We have English lawyers and accountants available for you.

QUESTION: Can I take my car to Lanzarote?
ANSWER: Yes, assuming you have owned it for six months or more. If you’re planning on keeping it here you’ll need to get an export certificate from the DVLA, and if you take up residency you’ll have to register the car in Lanzarote and get Spanish number plates. We can advise you on the best freight service to use for Lanzarote, and for all your furniture too.

QUESTION: What about the Spanish education system?
ANSWER: It is excellent education in Lanzarote and there are several schools to choose from on the island

QUESTION: Can I take up employment in Lanzarote?
ANSWER: Yes, if you are from a country that is in the EU.

QUESTION: Can I bring my pets with me to Lanzarote?
ANSWER: There’s no problem with this providing you have evidence of the relevant vaccinations. Don’t forget to apply for a pet passport if you want to bring your animals back to the UK.

QUESTION: Will I need an ID card?
ANSWER: This is a NIE. number. You will also require this to purchase a property, open a bank account and to become a resident, we will help you apply for this.

QUESTION: Should I have a Spanish will?
ANSWER: Yes, definitely, make a separate Will to dispose of any assets located outside of Spain. A British Will, for example, has no bearing on your Spanish estate.

QUESTION: Is it easy to move all my belongings to Lanzarote?
ANSWER: It’s very easy, and the whole process only takes around 3 weeks using the local transport companies based in Lanzarote.

And finally our FREE service to you when you purchase a property through us.

Below are all our services supplied by Millionaires Row Lanzarote as regards post and pre Notary services we would carry out on your behalf relating to your property purchase:

• Applying for your NIE numbers, (these are required for any property purchase)
• opening of bank accounts
• Legal and Economic counsel
• Verification of all property related documents
• Verification of all registry charges
• Verification of all local rates: ie IBI & Basura etc
• Verification of community fees
• Preparation of Notary contract and signing date
• Translation of Notary contract at and signing in Notary
• Register the property in the land registry after purchase
• Collect the final Esrcitura from Notary
• Property transfer tax and declaration
• Non resident tax retention and payment
• Registration of the Notary contract at the land registry
• Pickup the land registration from the land property registrar
• Inform the land office (cadastre) of the change of ownership
• Inform the relevant community office of the change of ownership
• Inform Unelco of change of ownership (electricity company).
• Inform Endesa of change of ownership (water company).

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